The Best!

December 11th, 2010 10:01 PM by Christopher Kuehl

Peg, a long time customer and visitor to our restaurant, wrote in yesterday to tell us about the recent package she received from Lockhart:

Dear Black’s,

My brother and I grew up in NE Ohio. Tim now lives in Victoria, Texas and I live in Frederick, Maryland. When I fly from Maryland to Austin and then drive to Victoria the route goes through Lockhart; hence my happy introduction to Black’s Barbecue. Today (for the second year in a row) my beloved brother and his family sent us the Black’s Sampler. You have no idea how thrilled we are to find this special gift on our door step. Your products arrive in great shape and when we heat those delicious sausages, ribs, or brisket, the aroma brings us back to happy lunches in Lockhart shared with my brother. Your barbecue really is The Best. Thanks for helping make our holidays extra-tasty!!

Frederick, Maryland

Giving the gift of Black’s Barbecue is a great way to give a memorable (and delicious!) gift. Visit our Online Store to order some today for your friends and family,but don’t forget to also order some for yourself!

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Robin Reali says:

My husband and I ate at your wonderful barbeque joint just yesterday while visiting Austin. Had eaten at the Salt Lick the night before. They can’t hold a candle to you, hence, we have just placed an order for family and friends. As my husband says…Blacks is definitely Barbeque Nirvana!!!

April 7, 2011 at 3:26 PM

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